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Be Curious.


Modern Psychotherapy.


Why Therapy?

Life can be hard to understand.

Finding time for self-reflection is difficult in our current digital world.

Therapy allows us a space to think and wonder.

A place to gain perspective, clarity, and emotional expression.


What I believe

Therapy is more than a “talking cure”.

It is an emerging process created moment by moment between two people.

A place to be listened to, heard and understood.

It is looking at the past and how it has colored the present.

It is looking at the present and making choices on how we want to shape the future.

The therapeutic relationship is an integral part in affecting change.


My Practice

I offer individual therapy to young adults affected by panic attacks, social anxiety, depression, poor body image, disordered eating and a wide range of other emotional and interpersonal challenges.

I dedicate a large portion of my practice to my specialization in working with the Highly Sensitive Person. (HSP).


The Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) has an innate trait that reflects their sensory processing. 


What does this mean?


These are modern-day topics brought to therapy and the views of current cultural commentary found in books.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2018
JANUARY 21, 2018
JANUARY 18, 2018
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