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About Me

I am a skilled and experienced psychotherapist who offers long and short term individual therapy to young adults and the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). Working with these populations, I recognize the importance of looking at the current technological culture and its influence on our well-being. I consider modern day disconnects and take notice to how people use social media and its effect on mood and self-esteem.


I received a Master of Arts degree in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness from New York University. Before transitioning to private practice, I trained as a clinician at the Karen Horney Clinic and became certified in the advance clinical practice of psychodynamic therapy. I am accredited on as a Highly Sensitive Therapist.

My educational training continues as a candidate in psychoanalysis at the American Institute of Psychoanalysis (AIP). Most recently, I serve as a case supervisor to students from Guangzhou, China who are participating in an online psychodynamic psychotherapy training program developed with AIP.

The depth of my training and knowledge allows me to work effectively with a range of issues and concerns including depression, anxiety, trauma and eating disorders. Offering new understandings and possibilities, my therapeutic approach includes the perspective of Buddhist Psychology.

I am a curious, compassionate listener who considers all aspects of your life and personality, not just the symptoms.

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