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Area of Specialty

The Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) has an innate trait that reflects their sensory processing style. What does this mean?


Individuals with this sensitivity trait process information more deeply. They are observers. Finely attuned to their environment and the moods of others. Gifted with unique skills making them more creative, intuitive, conscientious, and empathic. Often labeled as “too sensitive” or “shy”; HSP’s sometimes feel misunderstood. Their deep thinking process allows them to dwell longer on the meaning of criticisms and rejections. At times, HSP’s become overstimulated by the volume of information they absorb and become overwhelmed. Needing more downtime to sort things out and recharge. This way of experiencing life can feel burdensome; especially in our overly wired world.


Sensitivity in our culture is often perceived as a flaw. As a psychotherapist, I believe the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. I begin our work together by gaining an understanding of your perception. We identify and explore the meaning of this trait for you. Living with this trait has both gifts and challenges. Going deeper into who you are and what you need is fundamental to our work. Together we look to develop strategies that help manage your sensitivity to both physical and emotional stimulation. We address self-care with greater awareness utilizing mindfulness and meditation. Focusing on relationships, lifestyle and career.


Do you identify as a HSP?

People tend to describe you as quiet, aloof, shy, or too sensitive.

You are easily overstimulated by crowds, noises, and strong smells.

Dislike having too many things going on at once and often feel the need to retreat.

Find being hungry creates a strong reaction often disrupting concentration and mood.

Have a concern for social justice and drawn to spiritual pursuits.

Sometimes feel emotionally intense and cry easily.

Make it a point to avoid violent movies and TV.

Have more sensitivities to medications and caffeine.

Experience difficulties with transitions and change.

Calmed by nature and deeply moved by the arts.

Have a rich, complex inner life.

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